Friday, February 25, 2011

Introducing ME,


I am a thirty........ year old Romanian girl who moved to US for Love-:). This last year(2010) I finally became a US Citizen. I live in the Beautiful state of Maine in a town close to the ocean. Its Beautiful! I work as a Life Coach helping people turn their daily challenges into Success. I also love all that is about Beauty and Fashion. Since I was ten I loved make up. I always begged my mom to buy me eye shadows and lipsticks-:). I wore her high hills around and played fashion shows with my friends. To me it was so much fun.-:) I am older now.... and still love it all. Being so passionate about it I tried to learn as much as I could over the years. I created this blog so I can share it all with you. Welcome to my world -:)


  1. Hi Raluca! I was in Romania in 2006! It's such a beautiful place! I also live in the East Coast - come check out my beauty blog!

  2. Hello,
    I went to your blog and followed you. I love that Zoye Nail Polish and I think I am getting one!-:)

  3. ce fain de tine ca ai scapat de Romania!succes acolo :*