Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Things I love right now!

Hi Everyone,

I want to share with you a few things that I am loving right now! I know that you may have heard about some of them :)  Here they are:

                       HERVANA from BENEFIT! a "good karma" face powder - I just Love that:)

Let me start by saying that I am not a huge fan of blushes because I just couldn't find one that would work really great for me. So if its not great I am not going to put it on my face until HERVANA  came along!  I like the colors very much! It is more towards a a frosty Pink but not a weird frosty. It does have some shimmer but its just so very little.It has the perfect balance! I think it works great for my fair skin. It  gives you that youthful, natural look! I also used it as an eye shadow so its very versatile.I can just pop it in my purse and use it in so many different ways! can't beat that! The only thing that I don't care much for the brush it came with, so I use it with my Sigma Small  F05. Works great!

            The new Lancome Rouge In Love 6 Hour Wear in color 217M - DELICATE LACE!

 I am IN LOVE with this Lipstick! It goes on very smooth and it sure is featherlight. I forgot I was having it on.It stayed on past lunch  time and I had applied it in the morning at eight am. That's about five hours later!!! Delicate Lace is a very discrete brownish neutral color. It think its a great bridal color too. The letter M next to the number stands for Jolis Matin(morning, day shades - subtle and soft ). I think its pretty cool how they categorized them that way. They also have B and N.  B means Boudoir Time( bright color, evening shade),  N means Tonight is My Night ( Sophisticated, intense - deep lacquered effect because of the gold mother‑of‑pearls) They also have such a great color range! I only got one so far but I eyed some others:) They all have that precious mother‑of‑pearls in them so they are not matte but not frosty either. Its more like a  glaze  finish with potent color. It did feel a bit sticky when I put it on for a few seconds but it went away. It feels half the weight of normal lipsticks , and doesn't feel like it's drying at all .Another plus about this lipstick is the packaging! It is so beautiful, so luxurious!

    At last, this is my new little make up bag I wear in my purse. I just found it at T.J. Max and I had to mention it because I think it is so pretty:) The eye and lips are embroidered. I love that! If you can't find it at T.J. Max you can get it online at   It is part of Cutie collection. They have lots of cool stuff there!  Have fun!

XOXO Raluca